About HitX Ballistic Calculator

HitX is a mobile ballistic calculator developed for bullet trajectory forecast by a team of shooting and software developing professionals. 

The idea of HitX was born in 2018 when we were found out that no one solution for bullet ballistic calculations is handy and understandable for common users. 

We spent a lot of time on the shooting range to collaborate with the long-range shooters and we read dozen of books and articles before the decision to develop that kind of software was made. 

The development was started in October 2019. We have decided to deal with modern, flexible, and effective technologies such as the Unity engine. This gives us an opportunity to use a continuous delivery approach for application development. Thus giving us the ability to implement best practices in time for long-range precision shooting. We keep going with timely updates delivery that will be developed to enhance the shooters' effectiveness and results.

HitX is a community-driven application focused on the best shooter experience possible along with customer service.