Getting started: HitX ballistic calculator

Here you can find several easy steps to begin your work with HitX mobile application.


HitX mobile application
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Install Hit X mobile application

Go to iOS Apple AppStore or Google Play Market by one of the following buttons. Then install the ballistic calculator on your mobile device.


HitX rifle setup

Set up your rifle and scope

Open the bullet flight calculator and set up your rifle and optical scope device specifications in the related interface. You are able either to choose a factory-made optical scope device or set the parameters by yourself. Please, don't forget to set zeroing settings.


HitX cartrige selection

Select cartridge

Set up the cartridge for trajectory calculations you want to know in the Load interface. You are able either to choose factory-made products or set the rounds parameters by yourself.


HitX wind setup

Wind setup

In this section adjust the flow speed and direction of the wind. It is very important to set wind conditions correctly for accurate bullet flight trajectory calculations.


HitX Meteo and Geo conditions

Meteo & Geo conditions

In the Meteo & Geo interface set weather conditions and geodata for more accurate calculations of the trajectory of the bullet. In the section, you can set air temperature, powder temperature, air humidity, altitude, and atmospheric pressure.




In the related interface configure distance to the target, elevation angle of the target, as well as speed and direction of movement of the target if needed.


HitX calculations


Congratulations! Now you are ready to make your first shot with HitX ballistic calculator. If all the specifications and parameters were set correctly you will hit the target.

You always can find more instructions and definitions in the Help interface related to the screen you're at.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the application, please let us know here.